24 Hour Emergency Dentist Hotline

Call & find out what to do in the short term for relief of a dental emergency.

24 hour emergency dentist

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First thing to do is call the 24 Hour Emergency Dentist Hotline at 1-877-609-6197 to ensure the actions your taking are correct. As well we can refer you to a local dentist instantly!

24 hour emergency dentist - Find a local dentist for emergency dental workWe are always ready with experienced and expert local dentists to get you seen and treated. The first thing that will come to your mind is to call your current dentist, but if you are unable to connect with them you can always contact us. Instantly connect with a local 24 hour emergency dentist. You should have this number handy always because you do not know when you will need us. We know that you cannot wait for an appointment and other formalities. We get you treatment as soon as possible you can with a local, trusted emergency dentist to your house or in their clinic.

We are always ready to help you. When we say “always” it means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. The #1 rated emergency dentist office.

Call the 24 hour emergency dentist hotline for help in following areas (but not limited too):

  • Emergency dental care
  • Implantation and crowns
  • Root canal
  • Treatment for toothache
  • Restoring broken, chipped, or knocked out teeth
  • Tooth extraction and tooth abscess treatment
  • Bleeding and swollen gums
  • Other common procedures like full mouth X-ray

CALL US 1-877-609-6197Click to Call from a Mobile Phone.

When you call our local 24 hour emergency dental office you will be availed with the following facilities and features.

  • You get full service from our in-house dentists.
  • You get the service on the same day itself. You do not have to wait for appointment and availability of the doctor.
  • We have licensed staff who is always ready to help you. You can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.
  • You get all these services at affordable prices (many are covered under you current insurance)
  • Our team even includes cosmetic dentists

To get the perfect dental care you can call us today at 1-877-609-6197 and find emergency dentist. We are sure that you are going to make the dentist referred by us as your primary dentist. Not only that you can feel the warmth and care they show towards your oral health. At the same time, they are professionals when it comes to dental care. We work according to your time and schedule because we work around the clock. Our dentists will be always ready and we can always refer a dental office when you are in urgent need of a dentist.

Our 24 hour emergency dental offices availability is something you will not find everywhere. Find a 24 hour dentist when there is an emergency, you just have to call us on our hotline number and we will arrange the dentist for you in no time. Just make sure about the insurance companies that are supported before you call the 24 hour emergency dentist hotline today.

Find local emergency dentist or dental office

Our Emergency Dentist Offices Can Assist in Dental Emergencies such as:

Continuous Bleeding

After an extraction, if you start bleeding again, take a used teabag, place it at the site and bite hard for five minutes. The pressure will stop the bleeding.

Bleeding Spontaneously

If you start to bleed spontaneously from your nose, it is possible that after a recent extraction from the upper jaw and some sneezing,you could have dislocated the clot or broken the Schniderian membrane (membrane that forms the floor of the sinuses). Your dentist will be able to evaluate the situation.

HEART PROBLEM: If a patient is on medication for a heart problem or hypertension, the anticoagulant drugs taken can produce spontaneous bleeding.

DEFECTIVE LIVER: If a patient has a defective liver due to disease or alcoholism, some clotting factors could be not functioning properly.

BLOOD DISORDER: If a patient has a blood disorder (hemophilia, leukemia, sickle cell) any opening will trigger a hemorrhage.

  • If bleeding continues and your dentist is not available, go to your local hospital.

Your Cap Has Fallen Off

If you have a temporary cap which falls out, try first to snap it back in. If unsuccessful, you can sometimes buy over the counter temporary cement. Follow the directions strictly.

  • Do not use ordinary household glue!! Preferably see a dentist immediately.

Chipped Tooth

If part of a tooth breaks off, keep the piece, sometimes the dentist will be able to reuse that piece with bonding techniques. Our local 24 hour dentist hotline can help.

  • If you do not have the broken piece, call your dentist for an appointment.

Gum Surgery

After a gum surgery, warm salt water rinses will help you with possible discomfort you may be experiencing. Also, taking extra vitamin C will help it to quicken the healing period.


Knocked Out Tooth

Teeth can be put back until you reach a dentist!!
Advice: If you or your child falls and a tooth pops out of the mouth: Rinse the tooth and try to hold the tooth in place in your mouth (best) or a glass of milk (better) or water and get to a dentist within 20 minutes.

  • If you are out of reach of a dentist, rinse the tooth and gently put the tooth back in the socket it came out of, and call a qualified Dentist.


When pregnant, your gums will swell up and bleed. This is due to the high hormone level.

  • Keep your mouth clean by brushing and flossing after each meal.

Jaw is Sore

When you wake up in the morning, if your jaw muscles hurt and feel sore, place a warm compress on and off (ten seconds at a time,) for five minutes, every day for one week.

  • The soreness may occur from grinding your teeth at night. See your dentist to adjust your occlusion or get a night guard.

Still Unhealed

If you recently had a tooth taken out and the area has not healed after one week, your dentist should take an x-ray to see if a root tip or fragment is still embedded in the area.

  • Do not wait to see your dentist.

Numbness Continues

If you had a tooth extracted on the lower back areas, it is possible that you may not regain full sensory feelings immediately.

  • Contact our 24 hour emergency dentist and let him/her know your symptoms.

Tooth Ache or Abscess

If you have a tooth ache or an abscess: do not place an aspirin directly on the sore area as commonly done. This will cause an aspirin burn and the pain will increase later. Take the aspirin, then place a nice compress on the cheek. The abscess is producing heat, therefore the cold compress will keep the swelling down and the inflammation in check.

You can also buy a over-the-counter topical anaesthetic with 5%-20% benzocaine which will help alleviate the pain temporarily.

  • Relief is only temporary. Pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with our 24 hour emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Call the Dentist Hotline today for free advice, and help finding a local dentist to quickly cure your current pain or tooth issue.

CALL US 1-877-609-6197Click to Call from a Mobile Phone.

Find Emergency Dentist - Call the Dentist Hotline

Most of us consult our dentist when something is wrong with your teeth. Not many people seek suggestions from their dentist to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Our suggestion is, you should speak to your dentist at least once in six months. You can always call the dentist emergency hotline 1-877-609-6197 to get the service of the best dentist in your local area. But that is not the only service we provide. If you want to find emergency dentist you can always call us.  We are always ready to help you.